Frank DiLorenzo

Senior Project Manager

As railway reconstruction senior project manager, Frank is responsible for ensuring all design elements of the future incline railway park, from the railway itself to the supporting trails, landscapes and facilities, are seamlessly blended, planned for, and executed.

Part of the Society's operations staff, Frank has over thirty-four years of project coordination and management experience. Heholds an Associate’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and has built upon that technical foundation during years of employment with such well known railways as the Penn Central, Conrail, and the Metro North. As a result, Frank has tremendous knowledge of track design, maintenance and construction. 

“Frank DiLorenzo is exactly what we were looking for in a reconstruction project manager,” says Mike Colarusso, the Incline Society’s President and CEO. “His experience and accomplishments as a railroad man speak for themselves. But in addition, Frank understands that a restored incline railway will have a tremendously positive impact upon our local and regional economies. That’s why he’s volunteered countless hours with us, all in the spirit of community service. It’s a real pleasure working with him.”

A resident of Beacon, Frank is already coordinating contract proposals and has been instrumental in the Society's reconstruction assessment and conceptualization process. He is also a pivotal member of our Speaker's Bureau and has given dozens of presentations to public organizations on behalf of the Incline Society. Frank assumed additional duties as an MBIRRS trustee in 2013.