Our Programs

Interpretive Hikes

The Society conducts several hikes of the Mount Beacon Incline Railway ruins each year, from April to October. These tours are open to the general public. They provide the history of this National Historic Register property, interpreting the artifacts of the railway and providing interesting facts about the surrounding area.

The hiking program raises public awareness of the effort to restore this landmark. Visitors leave having gained an appreciation of the railway's significance as a National Historic Register property, they understand its potential for putting open spaces within the reach of more people than ever before, and they learn about the importance of protecting the Hudson River estuary and its environs from pollutants and damaging development. 


Educational Presentations and Displays

Throughout the year, the Incline Society makes meticulously researched presentations to educators, school-children, other not-for-profits, civic organizations and the general public. Unlike the hiking program, these presentations allow the public to see the railway in its heyday.


Behind the educational program is a diligent and ongoing archival effort. The Society has gathered dozens of photographs, print media, primary and secondary source documents, and railway artifacts. It has digitized its holdings and is continuing to seek new materials, many of which are donated. As the Society moves toward establishing a heritage railway museum, it will expand its educational program with a focus on K thru 12 students. 


Historic Preservation and Restoration

In 2009, the Mount Beacon Firetower was placed on the National Register of Historic Places due to the efforts of a restoration committee sponsored by the Incline Society. The restoration was completed in 2013 and the tower is once again open to the public. One of the signature features of the restoration is the adaptive reuse of materials from the Poughkeepsie Railway Bridge, now known as Walkway Over the Hudson.