Our Mission

Powerhouse, 1983  Courtesy Beacon Historical Society

Powerhouse, 1983

Courtesy Beacon Historical Society

The MBIRRS is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing back the Mt. Beacon Incline - an all volunteer organization made of members committed to creating a world class nature park for people of all abilities.

Started in 1996, the Society completed a feasibility study on the engineering and economic impact and has recently been awarded funds from NY State to update and develop an operation & business plan.

MBIRRS is a nonprofit, nongovernmental, nonsectarian historical society registered with the State of New York and classified by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charity. All donations to MBIRRS are tax deductible.

Mission:  Restore, operate and maintain the Incline Railway on North Beacon Mountain in New York State's Hudson Highlands. 
Vision: The Incline Railway will provide access to the scenic, historic and recreational resources of New York’s Mount Beacon and the Hudson Highlands for people of all abilities.


Restore an integral piece of American and New York State history;
Ally with others to create a world-class nature park;
Increase access to New York's scenic landscapes for people of all abilities;
Lead in the use of green building practices.