Goals & Vision

This 8 minute video details our goals & vision and why "bringing back the Incline" will have such a positive effect on the community and greater region of the mid-Hudson Valley.

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The society's goals and vision are to bring back this unique and interesting amenity that touched over 3.5 million people in its 75 year history.  

At the same time provide the community, city, and region a one-of-a-kind nature park that enables people of all abilities an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Mt. Beacon and the Hudson Highland State Park.

An operating Mt. Beacon Incline Railway would boost the local and regional economy and generate hundreds of jobs to 5 county area.

Providing Access to Mt. Beacon for People of All Abilities

A conceptual design delivered by LAN Associates.

A LEED-certified, eco-friendly facility that operates year-round, is ADA compliant, with amenities that are inline with the goals of respecting nature, providing economic sustainability, and access for everyone.

This rendering of a conceptual design was created by LAN Associates in conjunction with contributions from RCC for the Mount Beacon Restoration Concept Plan.

A Gateway to the Hudson Highlands State Park

3D animated movie (tap or click to play)

This "fly though" reveals the vast trail network and unique destination points on and around the summit of Mt. Beacon. 

A restored incline connects the community to nature, its history, and provides a vantage point unique to region.

Connecting the Local Economy

3D animated movie (tap or click to play)

A restored Mt. Beacon Incline connects the four vital features of Beacon: MTA/Train Station, Dia:Beacon, Main St., and Mt. Beacon.

A future transit loop - powered by zero emission vehicles - becomes economically sustainable and help boosts the local economy.

Promoting Walk-ability and Local Heritage

3D animated movie (tap or click to play)

A potential connecting trail that would connect the Beacon's riverfront and train station with Mt. Beacon Park. This animation shows a conceptual design of a future pedestrian bridge crossing the Fishkill Creek.

Visitors and hikers alike would could walk the nearly 2 mile stretch of Fishkill Creek Greenway & Heritage Trail through some of most beautiful creek side vistas in the city.