Exhibition Videos

This page contains videos that were featured at the recent exhibition, Along the Mount Beacon Incline Railway: Past, Present & Future.

KIOSK 1 - The early days of the Mount Beacon Incline Railway.

KIOSK 2 - The Mount Beacon Incline Railway and the early mass transportation network that connected it.

KIOSK 3 - Google Flyover of Mount Beacon. The video shows how a Restored Incline Railway would make the Hudson Highlands accessible to people of all abilities and fitness levels. It further shows how the existing trail network would connect the visitors of the Incline to the other summit destinations.

A restored Mount Beacon Incline would connect the four vital assets of the city: the Train Station, DIA:Beacon, Main Street, and Mount Beacon. A future transit loop - powered by zero emission vehicles - becomes economically sustainable and help boosts the local economy.

NOTE: this video attempts to draw a direct comparison the historic mass-transportation network referenced in KIOSK 2