Community Contributor

An initiative such as this requires a community-wide effort and skills and expertise from every discipline. Currently we are a fully volunteer-operated organization, and the many benefits of the work we all do comes in the form of:

  • enjoyment,
  • one-of-kind experience,
  • new friendships, and
  • a sense of accomplishment and gaining new skills.

We are all professionals and devoted to this unique and interesting initiative. 

If you would like to help contribute to this project, we are delighted to welcome you onto our team. Please have a look at the specific roles below.

You DO NOT need to have direct experience with any of them - you just need a sense of adventure, a "can do" attitude and most of importantly a willingness to learn and be self-directed.

Project Voice & Story

Role: Facilitator / Project Leader

Time commitment: you set your own schedule but it's presumably 5 hours a month

Description: This project will collaborate with another local organization to record narratives from around the community of people's experience on the historic Mt. Beacon Incline. Over its 75 years of operation, there were over 3.5 million riders, so naturally many still live in and around Beacon and surrounding area.

This project is open-ended and you can add whatever creative ideas you have. 

Interpretive Hike Leader

Role: Lead the interpretive hikes

Time commitment: one afternoon a month during the warm seasons (non winter)

Description:  Throughout the year, the Incline holds interpretive hikes. These hikes are usually between 10 and 20 people and start at the base of Mt. Beacon Park and proceed past the different historic remains. The hike ends at the summit with the beautiful vista overlooking Beacon and Hudson Valley - sometimes, the hike continues to the Fire Tower depending on the day and group.

Project Digital Connect

Role: Facilitate the Creation of a Digital Mobile App

Time commitment: set your own hours - open ended deliverable

Description: Funding is available for the development of a mobile application that provides historic and interpretive tours - there are many fun and interesting ideas to be explored. This individual(s) could be a programmer or someone willing to work with a programmer.

This project is open-ended and you can add whatever creative ideas you have.  

Other / General

If the above roles aren't a match for you, please feel free to send us you information anyway with how you would like to help.

We also hold events throughout the year and always need to enthusiastic people to help with things such as administrative tasks, event planning, and other unique jobs.